This is the core of CrossFit, a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning. We will do the programming and coaching, so that you will have the best hour of the day!

Sweat Classes

Take CrossFit and take away all the heavy and technical aspects of it and what is left is our sweat class! Great for athletes that want to increase their work capacity, without the heavy loading.

Specialty classes

Next to our CrossFit Core and the Sweat Classes we offer training hours that fully focus on just 1 discipline.

We also offer Yoga classes on Saturdays and Strongman classes on Sundays

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Brugwachter 19, 3034 KD Rotterdam, Netherlands

CrossFit RTM
Brugwachter 17 – 19
3034 KD, Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +316 31 97 97 50